Thursday, March 15, 2018

Seen around

Life is pretty good right now.
I try my very best to do everything right at work, 
to cook light, healthy and low salt....
But I must is not always a success...
last night I cooked a supper that tasted of nothing even if I put effort in it!

 Look closely ....the 2 whippets have onesies...

 This bowl is so sad....
I did not bring it home

 Found a new friend for my pink friend....
The pink one is vintage. The green one came originally from 
the dollarsatore was priced at $1.50...the sticker was on the bottom
but I got her at Goodwill (Renaissance) for 75 cents
so a win for me!

So this picture I did not bother turning because sometimes a girl
is just tired....
This is a mold/casserole that I found in one of my Dad's crate
Someone identified it on Facebook but I forgot the name...

I am in a weird place mentally...I don't know why or how

Have a great night peeps
hugs to all!


Linda @ A La Carte said...

Sending hugs. I've been in a weird place for weeks now. I'm hoping Spring will snap me out of it! Love the pink frog and now the green 'friend'. Extra hugs!

Cheapchick said...

Maybe you need sunshine, you had a super hard stressful winter. Why oh why do people put vintage pyrex in dishwashers?!? Dog cute but Buddy wouldn't have that. He doesn't mind his coat but a onesie?