Monday, June 21, 2010

Red Barn

Picture a big barn, red. Fill it to the rafters with vintage and antique objects. Leave it sit. Fill with more stuff. Let sit some more. Add dust and possibly critters....and a middle aged sour puss sitting outside, and you have the Red Barn in Hudson Qc.

No kidding there's a ton and a half of really interesting stuff there and some of it is even organized. But a lot sits in boxes all over, the floor is uneven (really) and you can't see for dear life.

A collection of rolling pins

The first thing I saw walking in.

About the sour puss...I hate going in any kind of store and the employees (owner) don't seem happy to see me. HELLO I'm your meal ticket! Please smile!
So this guy is sitting outside with a fart face on. If you don't like people get out of retail! Or maybe he's looking like that because the prices are steep....No wonder there was not a lot of people in. Some might be put off by the floor; you definitely need closed shoes and a flashlight to navigate the place, some by the lack of lighting or the scary floors on the second and third floors (you see light in between the planks;it's very creaky yet soft in certain spots...)

But if you like thrifting adventures this place is for you! 


Glassware,McCoy, milkglass, Laurentian Pottery, banks, buttons,typewriters, suitcases, coolers, games,Le  reuset, phones,toasters, Flameware, Pyrex, FireKing,Glasbake, barware, ashtrays, records, books, tins, lamps, doors, windows, dressers, chairs, chairs and more chairs! If you collect it, they probably have it!

oooh! Bowls...Pyrex,FireKing,Glasbake,Federal and Hazel Atlas....

More bowls! Tracy do you see the Gooseberry?

Check out those FRIDGIES!

And that's just some of it!

This was part of our Father's Day excursion. Dan rented a bigger and more comfortable car and we drove to Montreal picked up my Dad, had lunch at Smoked Meat Pete (Ile Perrot) and then went to the Red Barn.
It's just after the Alana Kirby store on Harwood Bd at the Hudson entrance.

My Dad loved every minute of it! And the smoked meat sandwhich too :) 

 So remember the flashlights, mind your step and yes you can bargain! I did and brought back a little something back! But that's for another post

Have a great week!


Leah said...

That's some serious pyrex!
Grumpy must be independently wealthy & just peddling his junk for fun :)

The Crazy Suburban Mom said...

Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! yes, I do see it and wow, what a place! That's really amazing. damn. Tried to think of a better word, but that's all I could come up with - well thats not true. I had a few others but that was the most printable.

Linda @ A La Carte said...

I saw the Gooseberry also and wow is all I can can say about that place. Hate grumps but for those treasures I might just have to overlook it. Some bargaining can be done you say?

Douce France..... said...

Oh! WoW! I will have to go and check this place out! And the smokemeat too! Never been and it's on my mom's street!

SixBalloons said...

WOW. I once had a dream that I saw a place like this but there is definitely none like it in Vancouver, BC. Well there is one crazy expensive place but I think the only customers that buy Pyrex there are movie-set people. :(

Maureen said...

Sounds likes an interesting place - just the kind I like! Don;t you hate when shop owners are poopie?

The Recycle-ista said...

what an amazing place. how do you ever leave?

Vonlipi said...

Thanks for the comments ladies!

After a while you get hot or cold and if you have get the picture!

I saw some suspicious stuff...the kind you find in places where critters like to spend the winter...And you don't see anything! So I was glad to get out and haggle a bit for what I found!

Tara Beaulieu said...

Oooh I spot the turquoise refridgerator dish in that stack- I NEED that! LOL. I wish we had great places like that around here. Too many consignment shops with steep prices!