Saturday, June 19, 2010

Seen in Montreal

This week I went to meet my new family doctor....In Québec being followed by a doctor is a big deal. A lot of doctors don't take any new patients. So you end up on waiting lists....FOR EVER!
Yes healthcare is mostly free here, but you could die before seeing a doctor!

I was informed,a couple of weeks ago, that my doctor changed clinics and who only be seeing HIV patients. So no more room at the inn for us....But we called the clinic and were offered to see a new MD!

So I had to take the train and go to Montreal (YIPPEEE! Salvation Army here I come). Of course I was early and decide to stroll and take pics of this picturesque yet tough neighborhood...St-Hubert street below Ste-Catherine.

This is a vintage tile detail on a wall....I had to save this because the building was being renovated (read MODERNIZED). I wish Montreal had an historical society that would consider saving beautiful buildings from the 50's and 60's.

The Jazz hotel....Obviously named to honor the Jazz Festival coming up in late June...

Oh and this....I was so glad to see it was still opened...

L'exception! Home of the BEST burger I had ever tasted! Huge with interesting breads and different toppings...And their fresh homemade fries...TDF! To die for!
They had this really weird item on the menu....Mexican poutine! If you don't know poutine is an artery clogging mix of french fries, gravy and cheese curds. So the mexican version was: French fries,chili con carne and cheese curds. I could never digest one of these puppies...heartburn garantied all afternoon! LOL

My meeting with the doctor went very well...I had a full physical and have a ton of tests to go through...Turns out I've known him for 22 years! I used to work with him in a clinic when I was a resceptionnist....But that's for another post! No garage sales today for me...I have to work this afternoon!


Linda @ A La Carte said...

I love the old buildings. That cafe looks very cool. Glad you got a new Doc and all is well.

KobysCache said...

Ah, I have a sudden craving for POUTINE!
Love Montreal, my favorite restaurant was Stash's Cafe in Old Montreal. (can you tell I'm Polish?, but born in Montreal!)

Anonymous said...

Please excuse me for not posting on the Pyrex dishes on VTT, but Pyrex is not my thing (sorry :) but these pictures of Montreal are! Love these pictures I've never been there, and I agree, wish there was some way of saving these old buildings, I live near St. Joseph, MO where the wagon trains left for the west, there are many old buldings that are vacant and in disrepair and it breaks my heart. Thanks for visiting my blog!