Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Retro Tuesday: 2 Sides of Gelatin

First I'd like to apologize for my tardiness...I feel so tired and lazy today! I must take some vitamins! Is it all that pedaling to and from work? Is it work? LOL
So today our ads are courtesy of Woman's Day October 1963 ( you know the one, it's the one that fits in my scanner!!!)

Again about the dieting....

EEEEWWWWW! Hit me in the head with a bowling ball before I swallow a packet of Knox gelatin dissolved in bouillon out of my own free will!
It's supposed to be a diet aid, it fills you up so you eat less....But what if you eat too much?

What happens then?



If you eat too much and you're a man you eat Jell-o as a dessert. If you are wide,stout,chubby,chunby or whatever adjective you might place here (I could just put my pic here) and you're a woman you eat your gelatin BEFORE the meal.Those 2 ads come from the SAME magazine. How come nobody saw that?
Are we that much more sensitive to those issues today? I want equal gelatin for everybody!

Fat bastards rejoice! You will now be having a glass of knox Gelatin dissolved in bouillon BEFORE the meal to curb your appetite and ladies you have your gelatin whenever you want because now there are some fat free alternatives on the market!

Those ads always get me carried away...Sorry about that!

For a real HAM of a Retro Tuesday hop to Tracy's blog Crazy Suburban Mom

She knows how to cook! I'm coming over Tracy with dessert!


Linda said...

Oh you know I love these old ads! I remember my Mom having that Knox gelatin she said it was for her nails?? Hmmmm?

The Crazy Suburban Mom said...

bleech! beef jello

Keetha Denise Broyles said...

These ads don't tell about it, but back in the 60's we also used clear gelatin as hair gel.

I kid you not! You combed it through wet hair, and then "set" your hair on your favorite rollers.

Mimi said...

You know how much I love KNOX! I really think they believed Knox Gelatine could save the world back then.