Friday, September 9, 2011

On Vacation Food

I remember a time, in the 70's, when it was said that you couldn't get great food in the U.S. Yes that was the consensus. I , however, never had a really bad meal there. The awful meals I had were i England in the 70's, those were bad, even breakfast was disgusting.

So this trip was full of discoveries and mourning. Let's face it things change whether we like it or not!

So the first change was to see that our go to restaurant Lupo's wasn't there anymore...Instead was Coconut's Bar and Grille. We did try it on our first night and it was NOT good. Not terrible but not really fresh, they didn't take the time, probably stuff came out of pouches and cans.

I had the pepperjack burger with bacon, the bacon was MIA, so was the heat in the cheese but the ONE redeemable thing was that the meat was really good. Dan took a roastbeef club and the meat was grey deli crap. But the worst was the building itself: It had been re-decorated in a hurry, the carpet was old,stinky and way past it's prime. The wall were half painted and they showed years of dirt....EEEEWWWW! But the worst thing was the coconutty smell on top of the kitchen grease!

NEVER AGAIN! Oh I forgot that the same elderly waitress was there....and you could tell that she didn't have any choice to work there. She looked sad and limped. I hope things get better for her.

A new spot was Ray's seafood in Rye NH. Where the big blue lobster is. The chowder was a bit thicker than we are used to but delicious. The fried clams and scallops were perfect but the real kicker? was definitely the tartar sauce!

The sauce is homemade and oh so tasty. You can buy a jar to bring home.

Another discovery was The Beach Plum also in Rye. Now I don't have pics because there are no tables inside and the sun had set.....

Yep it's me with the big lobster (What's with me and the big lobsters?) If you think tacky you are right, I'm tacky and proud of it!
They serve a great clam chowder and a dyn-o-mite shrimp and corn chowder with a bite! But the lobster roll was clearly the biggest I'd ever seen! It had the meat of three lobster rolls for the same price!
It was delicious!

We also returned to Bob's Clam Hut in Kittery, a diner visited by our friend Guy Fieri.

We had chowder and a round of Lillian's fried clams (they are dipped in wash then in flour, fried and topped with french fried onions). D-E-L-I-C-I-O-U-S.

But what really cracked me up was this....


I always enjoy finding new words.

Gotta go! Triple D is on!



janjan said...

oooooooh, I shouldn't have read your post, my poor old gallbladder is doing somersaults at all that food. One half of me is wanting to run out and get a big portion of something bad and the other is making do with a rice cake and cottage cheese.
No matter where I go I can always sniff out the op-shops and garage sales. Just love my thrifting.


Linda @ A La Carte said...

I love finding new and great places to eat on vacation! Sounds like you got a lot of great seafood and I love the pic of you and the Lobster!!