Thursday, September 1, 2011

All Shopped OUT? NO WAY!

Today was way too cold for a dip ( I find I'm either too hot or too cold) so we headed north for some shopping.

We needed sneakers and affordable sneakers because in Montreal good quality sneakers are at least 120$ and up. So we were able to buy 2 pairs  for the price of 1 SWEET!

We stopped at Marshall's, it was our first visit but certainly not our last! I found some really cute leopard flats (aerosoles) for a bargain....

And on the way to Portsmouth we spotted a thrift shop! SAY WHAT? STOP THE CAR! Holly Pyrex!

I found a nice Early American 045 with lid for a song! And a paper back because I don't bring my ebook on the way jose!

More on Portsmouth in another post...Signs of the times...I guess.

Over in Kittery, one of Maine's outlet shopping mecca....well let's face it; we always go to the same places....Crate and Barrel, Yankee Candle....and usually Bass shoes but not this time. No Bass shoes, until next time.

I totally freaked out in Yankee candle because of the Samps & Tarts Palooza! All samps and tarts a buck each! We were siffing for what seemed for ever! I was able to fill one of their sample trays (12). And we even got a free preview winter smell votive.

We stopped for lunch at Bob's Clam Hut (it was featured in triple D and we visited in February 2011). the place was so crowded it was scary! But we were able to snag the last parking place and got served really fast. It was delicious! Lillian's fried clams, one clam chowder and one fish chowder, yummers!

We shopped a bit after that but let's face it we need coffee and to go back to the condo. Well, well what do you know? We found a Goodwill and a brand spanking new Salvation Army right one rte 1!

I'll show you the finds another day because now I'm just too tired, I'm in my pj's, sipping a cold one and watching Man vs Food.

We will be getting dressed in about 15 to head out to Rye for a prize winning foot long lobster roll! I can't wait to see it!

Later my friends  


Linda @ A La Carte said...

Shopping and eating! Two of my favorite things to do on vacation! Enjoy!

Sir Thrift-A-Lot said...

Can't wait to see your finds!