Sunday, September 11, 2011

Thriftastic Day! Part Two

We finally got around to empty the car trunk, however I was busy with the usual,washing, changing the bed, tidying the yard....and looking for Dan's glasses, which we found after 3 hours of on and off searching!

Here's some more goodies I found yesterday!

Yes I know that nobody smokes anymore, but really this is pink and Melmac and it makes me want to light up! It will bw in the shop any day.

I totaly fell in love with this.....

It is pristine! The glaze is perfect, no chips just like it was produced yesterday!
I don't know if I'll be able to list it...It's too delicious.

This frame I foun at the Montreal Mega Reuse Center. It was really cruddy and dusty and even came with it's own pigeon poop. It will look great in my living room with a coat of paint or dye (if Dan gets his way) and a new picture inside. It is soooo mid-century.

Now for a thrify find that I bumped into in New Hampshire...

It is a brand new still in box mug tree! From Kmart....SWEET

You get 6 mugs and the tree, all in mint condition.

Well that's it for tonight!

Have a great thrifting week (and working week). Be well my thrifty friends!  


Zootsuitmama said...

Groovy stuff gal!

Linda @ A La Carte said...

It's Pink and Melmac! Yep good find. Love the mug tree and mugs.