Monday, June 25, 2012


I did find forgotten Pyrex treasures this weekend....But I haven't taken their pictures yet.

Today is very cool, windy and grey. After a morning of wrestling winter linen, the vacuum and space age bags, I am pooped!

Here are the pictures I took last night...

Pyrex 794 platters.
3 Bradford House and one BlueGrass. These are restaurant ware.
I uses these all the time, I find them the perfect size for a sandwich or a dessert.

Also RW

These are shallow bowls that I use for salads or soups like pasta fajole or
pasta cecci. Here a Bluegrass and a Fern green.

Korean style beef ribs served in a Laurel RW 793
Pyrex platter.
Delicious and pretty!

I do have platters but they are stored at the moment if you get my drift!


Linda @ A La Carte said...

I love the Pyrex restaurant ware when I can find it at a good price. Love those low bowls for soup!! hugs, Linda

Melissa said...

That Korean beef looks DELICIOUS!

Mick said...

Yuuuum! All your missingis the Pyrex "Waffel House" plate.