Tuesday, July 3, 2012


Yes dear readers, I was AWOL for a few days!

In fact I went to Maine for some R & R. Friends of ours invited us to their rented house in southern Maine and we were treated like royalty!

The temperature was perfect, the sea welcoming yet cool and the food amazing!

Now the shopping wasn't so hot. I completely forgot to buy all my american staples like liquid Coffee Mate, smoked mozzarella, bbq rub and more. I did manage to bring back some Barkeeper's Friend.

The thrifting was dismal....Even if I hit Goodwill, and 2 of my faves fleas....I didn't find Pyrex worth bringing back....Sad FACE!

Remember I mentioned that I found some Pyrex I stashed and I forgot
Here's some of it.

I really feel weird about that. Now what does it say about me?
 Now it is under my kitchen table until I display it or box it.

Tonight I went in my garden and saw all the lavender in full bloom and since my theme this year is waste not...I started the lavender harvest.

Of course Pyrex came to the rescue!

Have a peaceful night

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