Thursday, July 19, 2012

Dearly Departed

My Pyrex collection is like an entity...a living being. It ebbs and flows just like the tides.

One year I'm crazy about Pink, Turquoise, Butterprint. The next I still love those but I'm starting to love Butterfly Gold and Crazy Daisy.

I remember at one point I was like an alcoholic and buying left and right, from Etsy, Ebay and whatever site I could find. Promo pieces were at a premium.

Here are some pics of pieces I sold....because they fell out of favour.

I really needed to have this casserole... I love it until I was told the collection was too crazy, unrully and needed to be culled (rats). This went back to Ebay.....It is in Japan now.

                                                         Pink Gooseberry Cinderella set
I couldn't find a picture with the 4 bowls. I have no idea why but this pattern gave me the willies!
              REALLY! I'm sorry Dad but I couldn't get rid of this set fast enough!
                                        These bowls probably had a real bad karma because I couldn't sell these as a set,
I kept listing and re-listing on Ebay.....but nothing. I finally split the set and found buyers for all.

And what do you know? Less than six months after.....I NEED Gooseberry fridgies! REAL BAD!

                               Call 911! This lady is ready for the nuthouse!
                                    I don't miss the bowls.....But I still need the 503 fridgie!

Now I managed to forget the name of this pattern in the last 5 minutes.

Why do I think about Red Dot?

This is my first really crappy Ebay buy.

That casserole had been in the dish washer quite a few times, well enough to make it
In this picture I oiled it and gave it a good rub with a soft cloth.

Every time I tought about it I left ashamed that I got had.

I listed that one on Ebay and off it!

I did mention it had some dishwasher damage.
I hope its new owner feels good about it.

Nighty Night

Your Crazy Pyrexian from the north....


De tout, de rien said...

They're collecting all the way in Japan? Yikes! No wonder there's nothing left here! When those Japanese start collecting something, watch out, lol!

My collection is all over the place too. No focus. I just hoard. I should really be trading.

Zootsuitmama said...

I can't settle on just one style or pattern, either. I think I like cottagy, and then I want mod starburts! LOL, so, you're normal, right?

Linda @ A La Carte said...

I've had a little bit of everything it seems...not really but I did have too much Pyrex(that is hard to say). Decided to keep all fridgies and the Greens. I also LOVE that Pink Gooseberry and almost have the complete set (need the largest bowl). I also love the Delphite Blue :) a very sweet friend sent me. Hugs, Linda

Mick said...

All Hail the Queen vonlip! ;)