Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Hostess with the mostest!

Time flies when you're having fun/try to fix the house/work full time/try to fix healthy balanced meals/want to blog/need to thrift and love tv!

I even managed to throw my back. I couldn't put socks on! LOL

Fall is definitely upon us and the temperatures are dipping. I don't want to be pessimisstic but I don't think I will break my record of taking a dip in the pool on Thanksgiving.

I'm also trying to list all I can in the shop before October, so I'm ahead of the Xmas rush....

Xmas! How I love thee. We are moving at work and they are cramping us all up so believe it or not there won't be anymore place for the Xmas decorations! CRAZY!

So they were giving it all away. I had fun rummaging through the bins and picked up a few goodies.

Now about the title...I haven't forgoten about my goal to show my Pyrex collection

So here are the Hostess casseroles....

Now I don't have a bracket...and I'm missing some like the black one....!

I would LOVE to find one

Maybe one day,

Maybe on a big roadtrip that is planned soon....

Have a great evening!

It's bedtime in Vonlipi land!


Missouri Michael said...

I just picked up the big pink one (for an equally big price). But, it's so unusual and the color is great! Almost got a little blue one (not turquoise, blue) but I wasn't willing to pay the asking price. Have you seen the Heinz green colored one?

Linda @ A La Carte said...

I love your collection and always enjoy seeing what you share. Fall is in the air here finally! hugs,Linda

Sir Thrift-A-Lot said...

There's a black one?

I hear that there's a white one out there, too.

Vonlipi said...

OMG! There's a Pink one?

A Heinz green one?

A White one? You guys are killing me!

I have new Pyrex goals now!

But all in due time, I still have problems finding a Butterfly Gold 503! LOL

ThrifterSisters said...

THERE IS A PINK ONE!!??? Please oh please let this be a rumor or I will seriously lose sleep over it. I have the red and yellow sets and am now on the hunt for the turquoise (and evidently the pink).


Missouri Michael said...

Here's the pink one:

And here's the Heinz green one - it has a clear lid.