Saturday, September 22, 2012

Pyrex Lovelies

Today was surely one of the most amazing days of the year! Let me explain.

We were full of energy, we were in a cleaning/fixing mood. We were up bright and early and got tons of things done!

Before I get to the details, I want to welcome my new followers! Welcome! If you love thrifting, vintage, Pyrex, glassware,lamps, Christmas, roadtrip,cats,gardening,eating local and food in general; well you're at the right place!

Sit back, relax, grab a snack or a pint.

Now I decided to change the Pyrex displays so I had the opportunity to take pictures to share with you.

Let's start with Snowflake, i.e: Turquoise, White and Charcoal

                                 White Snowflakes on Turquoise and Turquoise Snowflakes on white

043 in White, Turquoise and Charcoal.

Open bakers! I LOVE,LOVE these!
Why? Because they are not divided that's why!
Here they are in White, Turquoise and Charcoal.
I was also able to capture the Pink Daisy bunch hanging out.
Here they are!
Now the really important piece here is the 045, it belonged to my paternal grandmother Gran-Mimi.
 My Dad actually remembers it from the diner table!
It might have contained sheperd's pie or oven baked pasta.
Also smilig for the camera is the 043, the space saver (large) and the open baker.
Missing from shot ans quite shy is the smaller space saver.
I hope to charm it into posing tomorrow.
Now on a whim I decided to clean the bottom shelf of one of the akward corner cabinets....
It should house a lazy susan, but instead it's baking central!
Square Utility dishes in Lime and Horizon
Lasagna pan in Lime
and a smaller version I had no idea existed in Flamingo.
Pie plates in Lime and Flamingo and round cake pan
in Lime,Flamingo and Pink Desert Dawn (top one)
Now I have a theory...
I think that Canadian Pyrex wasn't made with as much care as the one
made in good ol' U.S.A....
Why? Well most of my Canadian made pieces have a funky weird flaw inside, like it was in the mold....It looks like a wave and is not glazed so everything stains it.
And they are harder to clean.
I'll try to capture it for you tomorrow.
Well that's it for today because I am soooo tired and I heard Dan and
Bandito snoring to the sofa!
'Night night!


Erica of Golden Egg Vintage said...

Great Pyrex!! I love it all :)
It's so fun to collect isn't it?

De tout, de rien said...

These are all some of my favourite patterns and colours! Beautiful!

Linda @ A La Carte said...

I love seeing your Pyrex! Great photos!! hugs, Linda

Mick said...

Love Love Love it Vonlip! Your box arrived yesterday and made for a munch needed surprise! Thanks again so much for sending it :)

Old Fashioned Gal said...
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Dixie said...

Love Pyrex.