Tuesday, January 21, 2014


I am always shocked how HUGE companies are all over the world.....


Look what I found in an ethnic grocery store the other day

                                           This is some kind of arab cheese spread

And about a day late I was purging some magazines and found this atrocious recipe

by KRAFT of course!

                                 Please KRAFT people what the heck is that???

                               This is not salad, this is a dessert!!!
                                What do you mean 'it is a must have side next to the holidday roast'???
                               I am nauseous just looking at this and imagining this pale green mess
                               next to a roast!
                               It might be better as a pudding!

                               Well KRAFT, I think you outdid yourself in the eeeewww department.

                               Who thinks this is a salad????

                               I want to know!     


Mick said...

Not I, said the Southern Methodist... there are ALL kinds of salads and THAT isn't one of them! haha How WILD to see "Kraft" in Arabic!

SixBalloons said...

Wow it looks like guacamole but probably tastes like overly sugary marshmallow floof! With nuts!