Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Xmas Decor and Maple Syrup

Now I didn't share enough Xmas pictures as I wanted to. I was so flustered and tired.

It seems I'm coming to my senses and have more energy.

So here goes....

                                          The Bay department store had a 50's themed Xmas decor
                                           Those mushrooms were adorable!
                                            If I'm not mistaken, the display was done in collaboration with
                                            Lord & Taylor

                                          I loved the color scheme for the kitchen. Would I do
                                          my kitchen like that? I don't think so.
                                                    Ok, last but not least....Le Creuset....
                                                    This is my fantasy piece. The Terinne mold.
                                                     I don't remember the price. All I remember is the whiplash
                                                     I got when I saw the prices of other pieces.
                                                     I own 2 Le Creuset , one Dan gave me in 1992 and the other I got in
                                                      1998. They were a lot cheaper back then!
                                                      Now they retail for $400-$500 each!!!

                                                      THAT IS CRAZY!!!!

                                                     Now for the maple syrup!

I thought this was a total hoot!
A GIANT can of maple syrup (the stuff dreams are made least
 in Quebec!)
It came from an art gallery on St-Lawrence blvd.
If I had a loft I would so get this....
and I would have a entire room dedicated to
(as if that is a surprise!)
Sleep well!
For Mick (my Casablanca friend) I' m about to finish season 2
of American Horror Story.
I think I like season 2 better. Jessica Lange is AMAZING!!!
The acting is sooooo good
I will watch the last episode tomorrow, I hope

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Mick said...

I LOVED season 2, SOOOOO WARPED! Jessica Lange is hands down my favorite returning actor to the show. She along with the show have stared a "Name Game" CRAZE here at the Casablanca! Patricia bought me the 45 record by Shirley Ellis and we'll be dancing to it at all of our parties this year!

That kitchen display is neat, but I agree with you the colors are to intense for my kitchen (although mine is done up in the same colors, but softer and more green!)and Rudolph on that old TV set is super duper cool!

Glad you're back in the blogging groove!