Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Keeps on giving

Now if you've tried the Dr. Oz thing, by now I'm sure you're pretty sick of chicken,turkey and fish....

I was! And I saw Dan sneek me a couple of evil looks come dinner time!!!

Well I decided to add shrimp to the rotation. Shrimp is low in calories and is reat in salads or with that 1/2 cup brown rice.....

Thank god I had a big bag in my freezer ! Shrimp is something I only buy on sale; like half off or $5.00 off.

And even if it is not on the list I added spaghetti squash...If you've been on a diet....you know the spaghetti squash! Low in calories, low in taste, but pretty filling.

That vegetable broth of his? I found it too expensive, so it was better for a while to buy the Campbell's salt free vegetable broth, but to us it tastes too much of onions! So I got into the habit
of keeping onion butts and parsley stems and cabbage leaves in a zipper bag in the freezer for the next batch of broth....Yummy!

We usually drink it with a small can of V-8. A nice snack in a busy day.

But what I really wanted to share with you today is this beautiful amaryllis we have in our living room.

I got it at the grocery store in mid-December. It had started to shoot one tiny tim stem.
So I saved it and since I turned the pot everyday it eventually got straight and gave us 2 flowers.

A couple of weeks later, I first thought that it was the leaves coming out, but surprise! 2 new stems.

And with 4 flowers each! They are so lovely! They bring me joy in this cold February afternoon.

For supper tonight stirfry with siratachi noodles (wonder no calorie noodles)

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Linda @ A La Carte said...

Your Amaryllis is gorgeous! Sounds like a serious commitment to the diet.