Saturday, February 15, 2014

I hate ceramic cooktops......

Well okay HATE is a BIG word!

They really annoy me. For some reason I can't sem to keep thm clean.

I feel buying a range with a ceramic cooktop was a mistake.

You boil water and the cooktop is grungy. !"/$%?&*(!!!

I don't believe in buying $20.00 cleaners for the cooktop....

 I found the Vileda Ceramic Scrunge for around $4.00....and they are good for a lot of times.

But not quite up to need the extra touch...

The extra touch is Barkeeper's Friend!!!!

You wet the cooktop, sprinkle some BKF make a paste (add water if needed)

Let dry and scrub, rinse, rinse,rinse (not more then with regular ceramic top cleaner)

And it is really beautyful and squeaky clean !!!


Time to go....We just started watching Downtown Abbey .....Must watch more!!!


Cheapchick said...

Ok, I have one of those cooktops, and use the scrunge but was wondering if there was something else. Thanks for the tip!

Linda @ A La Carte said...

I think they are a pain to keep clean also. Oh yes, more Downton Abbey!!!