Sunday, February 2, 2014

Out Thrifting

We had a wee roadtrip yesterday...

We drove to Cornwall, donated a bunch of stuff to Value Village, then crossed the scary bridge to Massena NY.

Turns out they finally woke up (the goverment) and built a new low bridge. Quite a delight, but they still (the goverment again) still charge $3.25 to cross the bridge.

Well Massena is still Massena; it is a village, a poor village but it has a Riteaid, a Wallgreens and a Kinney drugs.

If there was a tier system, I would say that Riteaid is tops, next comes Wallgreens and for some reason Kinney drugs is the weird ghetto one....

It might be their geographic location...or just my perception

We bought our usual supplies...cough drops, lipsticks, solar yard lights...

Then hit an antique market, very clean but nothing for us.

And we went to Price Chopper, again it seems the sad one; but not really cheaper than Hannaford (my usual grocery in the U.S).

It was there that I realized that powdered Coffee Mate in my fave flavors was a seasonal thing and so was turkey broth in a box, SEASONAL!!!

Things we learn.

We crossed the bridge again to have lunch at the Cornwall BBQ, yum!

Rotisserie chicken and pork souvlaki brochettes....and homemade soup....a classic

There were only 2 Pyrex at the Cornwall VV
This, not too bad and this

                                             This was sad even for .99cents

                                              I bet next time I go it will be gone

It was a small roadtrip but quite fulfilling never the less, sometimes I just need a change of scenery.

We might cross the lines moe often from now on since Rachael Ray has introduced Nutrish cat food....Bob is cray about it!



Cheapchick said...

I wish we didn't have an expensive ferry to get to the States off the Island ($170 return with car), as would love to be able to day trip there.

Linda @ A La Carte said...

I haven't seen much Pyrex thrifting lately and when I do it is often in poor shape like that blue bowl! Of course I'm downsizing my Pyrex collection anyway!

Helen Wong said...

Thats very disgusting for a male urinal, but I really laugh hard with what you have said. We really target anything that we see when we go to public urinals. I guess this was just a part of our playfulness..LOL
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Jill said...

Hey, I've been to Massena - crossing at Cornwall usually involves a last stop either there or in Malone!!

Vonlipi said...

Cheapchick, I'm sorry you don't get to have your american fix because of the high ferry price.

I need to go every couple of months...and since I don,t see a maine roadtrip in the near future; I'll just have to go to Massena or Malone!!!

Linda and Jill; it's always nice to hear from you :)

Helen Wong; what's up with you??? There are no pictures of urinals in the post!!!

Mick said...

Haha we do get snow! :P the first day it usually shuts all the roads down. Then the next few days authorities and news crews say to "stay off the roads, unless you absolutely have too". Haha AND believe it or not, our houses are built with fire places! ;). It's just weird because LAST Sunday it was 74, this Sunday was 29!!!