Sunday, August 17, 2014

Guess What? It's TCB Time!!!

After a slow start this weekend...we were supposed to get tapping and painting Saturday morning but we woke up tired and the rain did not help feeling productive....

Saturday we read, watched TV and snacked...and napped. I am glad we did not feel guilty AT ALL!

This morning however, we woke up relatively refreshed and focused on the task ahead.

Many months ago Dan decide we would paint the stair rails. The banister would be blackish, the spindles off white-ish and I don't really remember about the steps...

So he proceeded to use the primer we had in the basement... the pink primer. EW!

                                         You see the pink right?

                                              I don't know if I ever shared this secret bookself with you
                                              It is hidden in the staircase and it holds my Stephen King books.

                                          As you can see Dan is hard at work with the painting.

                                          So I went outside to paint the iron brackets that are holding
                                          the little roof of the kitchen.
                                                    To tell you the truth, it was 60 minutes of tapping and 20                      minutes                                        of painting
                                                   Since I need to let it dry at least overnight
                                                    I am glad the tapping is done so the second coat will be a snap!
                                                    At the same time I will give a couple of coats to the rails outside.

So what is done is done and it was easy lazy TCB. Needed to be done but with minimun effort!

Dan started to paint the trim around our dream board as well but we found out it is plastic and not wood so it doesn't behave as expected.

So what have you been up to? Did you  work on something that had to be done? Did you create something? Let me know!

See you soon :)


Linda @ A La Carte said...

I am just trying to get some energy to declutter my home some more!

Cheapchick said...

We need to spend time on the house but our Company work seems to come first. Hubby really wants to do some renos, we even have the money set aside for it but I just want peace and quiet so have put the brakes on it for now. My idea of sanity is not to be so busy with work and have a house renovation at the same time. I would rather live with carpet in the dining room for one more winter :) Well done on your jobs though!

Mick said...

I mowed... which i came to regret. This damn drought is killing everything! Lets see, we went to Florida for a week, and hosted a dinner party for 35 last Sunday (that was chaotic and fun!) As soon as I get this production of "Hairspray" up we'll be tiling the bathroom floor! Haha Would you and Dan like to come visit the Casablanca?! Maybe knock out a few "honey-do's" while you're here?! ;)