Saturday, August 2, 2014

Remember This?

Do you remember my puny veggie patch?

I believe i planted or sowed it on July 2nd.

 So this how it loows today.

 It is guarged by the friendly gargoyle...

 I have never had such beautiful basil! So excited!

 And of course I used the basil in my favorited summer time lunch....Basil,tomatoes,boconccini
So fresh!
 I also took the opportunity to cut some flowers for a seasonnal bouquet. It is one on my fave
summer past time.
Echinecea and Queen Ann Lace... so summery. And I like to use unlikely vases like this enamel box.
I put a big glass in it for the flowers to protect it from rust.

So I  wish you a very enjoyable weekend my faithful readers, be weel and keep on thrifting!!!


Cheapchick said...

I wish I could grow basil outdoors here but I bought a plant, set it outside and went out the next day - bugs ate every single leaf. That salad looks delicious. I can't believe your garden grew so much in one month!

Linda @ A La Carte said...

Great growth in your garden! I love basil and tomatoes! Wishing you a great day today!