Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Seen Around

Today's edition of Seen Around will definitely shock some readers and raise some highbrows!

The first pictures were taken at Ogilvy's one of Montreal's fancy pants departement store...They were selling the $145 panettone for Xmas last year....

First ordinary hair clips, sparkly but it is a hair clip, right?

Yes you saw that right, $207 !!! $207 for a hair clip....For $207, I would buy a LOT of groceries,
make a car payment, buy 20 $10 long sleeve t-shirts, Xmas shop....But I will not buy a hair clip!

 One could also get small hair clips....

A steal at $27!!!

Now for the second batch of pictures... Lay's Canada have a yearly contest, where folks can dream up
chip flavors, we can try them , vote for them and the winner gets a piece of the profits of that flavor.

Brace yourselves, here are this year's offerings

                                          Jalapeno Mac'n'cheese

                                          Cinnamon Bun (????)


                                          Bacon poutine

Now I have no idea why someone would dream up cinnamon bun flavored chips....But if I find a small bag I'd be willing to try all 4. I bet Tzatziki is my fave!

Last year I tried Bacon Perogies and it was soooo salty, my hands looked like bouquets of sausages!

I can already see my Dad's face as he rolls his eyes...He always finds my love of strange flavors , well strange!

So good night and I don't want to hear that someone bought one of those hair clips! LOL


Cheapchick said...

OMG the tiny hairclips are still $27! unfreakinbelievable!! But, they will always find someone stupid enough to pay that otherwise they would be out business

Linda @ A La Carte said...

The price on those hair clips is crazy! I would not pay that for those for sure! Oh those flavors look interesting!


Bargain Hunting Treasure Seeker said...

I always try the crazy new or trial flavors too. My boys go along with it, and my husband just rolls his eyes-no sense of adventure! ;)