Monday, June 1, 2015


Last Saturday was the big annual church bazaar in St-Zotique.

We decided to wake up extra early, to leave extra early not to miss anything. We arrived at 7:10 am and the sale starts at 8! So back to the car for some coffee!

So at 7:45 am we joined the line and waited....At 8:00 the doors opened and the stampede started! CHARGE!!!

I made a b-line to the Xmas decorations wishing  for some blowmolds...

Instead I found these...

                                          Putz beauties!
                                             The funny thing is that there are 3 churches in the box....
                                          I love the loofa schrubs....

                                         They look barely used! And so white!
                                          I am thrilled that they came from a non-smoking house!
                                        Oops, this one is out of focus....but you still see the
                                         Woolworth sticker! 19cents...big spender

I got some more things but there still in the car trunk.....Sorry


Linda @ A La Carte said...

Score on the Putz houses. They really are so cute! I love when the original price tag is on them.

Cheapchick said...

What a huge score! I have never seen those anywhere outside of antique shops. Vintage Christmas is my absolute favorite

Jill said...

Perfect! I was at a church sale last week, a complete bust, I came out with nothing, my hopes were high!!