Sunday, June 7, 2015

More awesome goodies!

So everything is progressing along for the move.

In the meantime here are the other things (TREASURES) I found in the church basement....

                                          A Frontier Town metal tray . I wish I had known about this place or any vintage
                                          amusement park when I was a kid...We didn't have a car and amusement parks                                           were basically verboten....
                                          And it is from the Adirondacks....I love going there!
                                                    I also have a deep love for paint by numbers art.
                                                    So when I saw this matching pair of egrets beauty's
                                                     I was hooked!
                                                    I think they will look smashing in my new bedroom!

            On move related news...Dan believes we have 300 boxes...SAY WHAT????? Even with the Pyrex
             I don't think we have over 200...

             I  'll keep you posted!

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Linda @ A La Carte said...

The very cool pictures are awesome and those boxes can add up. Happy moving!