Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Going on

I am sorry for the lack of posts. Things have been emotional here in the house made of Pyrex.....

Besides the move, Bob's passing, we lost a friend who fought a long and hard battle against cancer. She was , no is a light and always will be. I rarely saw someone who lived life with so much passion.

Bandito has been throwing up more than usual and there was some blood. Thank God that was just a scare for the time being. It was fixed with some hair ball remedy.

On the positive side we are on vacation and are taking the opportunity to show this move who is boss and get organized.

So far so good. Of course we are squeezing in so R&R...We saw Jurrasic World in 3D, I loved it! Being transported to a different place, with lots of action to boot....SWEET!

We made a lot of headway in the basement and will be ready for the next big garbage.

Today we roadtripped to the west....We ended up in Lachute, QC where Tuesday means Flea Market...

                                          I am not sure but I think this is an alternate Pyrex Primary
                                          bowl set. I didn't ask the price....

                                             This seller had the most beautiful dahlias and tomatoes

                                             Back in Cornwall, I spied some Forest Fancies at the local VV
                                                    Pyrex sisters hanging out.....

This trivet made me nostalgic for Italy
Last time I was there was 1975. It was amazing and
I can't wait to go back.

Keep on smiling!
(I really need that!)



Linda @ A La Carte said...

Hang in there! Moving and downsizing is hard but worth it in the end. I'm glad you were able to get a little R&R in! I have a primary set with only three bowls and the green is the largest. My Mom says it came that way in the 1970's? Not sure but there it is. More research I guess.

Cheapchick said...

I am sorry about your tough times, hugs to you. I haven't been to Italy, but it is on the list of place we need to get to!