Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Seen Around

I love posting about interesting things I see while on the road.

Our latest road trip took us to Kingston, Ontario.

Once the capital of the Province of Canada....for just a short time . It remains an important military installation.

The old town (downtown ) is just lovely, quaint and great for unique shopping.

Here are things I saw  there, on the way there and on my way back.

 From the Brockville Goodwill, sad, so sad

 From a Kingston DVD club.
I want one (a blowmold just like this...)
 This machine really cracked us up.
Who knew the Dan meister wood worker extraordinaire had another job on the side?
In Montreal no less....

 Happy lovely mishmash from Gannanoque, Ontario

 Nice sunburst!

 The funny thing is my mother in law had the exact same clock
over the sink in the summer kitchen attached to her RV!
Whatever happened to it?

I don't know!

I bought a tiny gift for Dan, but it is still a secret!


Cheapchick said...

I love browsing in vintage shops. I have only been to Kingston once about 20 years ago but loved that town. So much history and really neat shops.

Linda @ A La Carte said...

I love looking at vintage stores, just so much fun and I do the 'I remember having that' game all the time. Sad Pyrex :(