Sunday, March 20, 2016

Hodge Podge

Today I have multiple things to write about so I decided to bundle them all together... 

 This picture was taken on Napoleon st. Near the top,you
can see Mount Royal and the cross. It lights up at night.
It was erected in 1643 by Paul Chomedey de Maisonneuve (the city's founder)
 fulfilling his vow to the Virgin Mary in his prayers to end a disastrous flood.
The cross is made of steel and consists of 1,830 pieces joined by 6,000 rivets weighing 26 tons. It is 31.4 metres tall and its arms span 11 metres and it stands 252 metres above the St. Lawrence River. Following the latest renovation, it is lit by 158 18-LED bulbs.Next to the cross, a plaque marks the emplacement of a time capsule buried in 1992, during Montreal's 350th birthday celebration. It contains messages and drawings from 12,000 children, depicting their visions for the city in the year 2142, when it is scheduled to be opened.

It is one of my favorite things from Montreal and I would like to thank Wiki for 
that bit of history of our cross. I remember when I was a wee girl I saw the cross with red lights
during Holy week.

A couple of weeks ago I was looking for fennel italian sausage 
at the grocery store and could not find any....
I wrote the company and lo and behold they invited me to their company store!

 It was so clean and exotic!
Dad would've love that!
He was super curious and was always amazed
of how I would find out about good deals and special places!

 I got my special sausage at half price!
YAY for me! 


 What enchants me about Easter candy are the beautiful shiny colors.
Most of the time I am disappointed with said candy...

 Look at those beautiful eggs!
I want them all because they are so shiny, bright and colorful....
But I know I will be disappointed!


Since Spring is officially here...

This is officially the first Spring sprout.

Forget me not that I got in my Xmas stocking.

I think the tomatoes are sprouting too !

Until next time...

Take care and stay thrifty!


Cheapchick said...

Great deal on the sausages. My weeds are growing like crazy. That indicates it is safe to start planting my cilantro so will try and plant some this week and it should be ready by the end of April (outside). I buy my tomatoes so will wait until May to plant those as have had the best luck with hothouse plants instead of planting from seed. I would love to go to Montreal one day, never have been. Hubby has only been on a 2 day business trip but what he saw he loved.

Linda @ A La Carte said...

I love that cross and would like to visit someday! I need to get some seeds planted and hope they sprout! I'm putting some seed packets in Tiger's Easter basket this year.