Sunday, March 13, 2016

Seen Around

Last week we filled the car with boxes and bags to donate and headed west

to the nation's capital Ottawa.

This is called hitting 2 birds with one stone: we get a road trip and we visit a lovely Value Village
where they are not sick of us....

I love this picture.....
But I had to leave it at $9.99!

This is probably a frame destined for a child's bedroom...
The clothes look like they were made out of scraps to tissue paper 
and toilet paper....Pass!

I used to have coasters like that at my old house...

This jar would've been dyn-o-mite in my Etsy store...
BTW I reopened my Etsy store!

I have a soft spot for Scotties!

This piece of nail art, is as intricate as tacky.
That is a lot of work!
It was really popular in New Brunswick.
They would make fishermen and Sagouines

This fondue set really caught my eye...
But I was here to donate, after all.

These pieces were unmarked but I highly suspect they were BMP
Blue Mountain Pottery from Collingwood, Ontario.
Alo seen in the Byward Market

Sweet, sweet Easter cookies!

 The Byward Market is an outdoor market in Ottawa, Ontario.
It is surrounded by specialty food stores (caf├ęs,fish mongers, charcuteries, cheese shops, butcher shops) and restaurants. We make a point to stop and shop every time we visit! 

We had a lovely time!

Until next time, Ottawa!


Cheapchick said...

Yum Easter cookies! Congrats on re-opening your ETSY store...are you just getting rid of current stock or are you back in it for good?

Linda @ A La Carte said...

Fun road trip! I'm still downsizing but it has slowed down. I have to be careful not to bring more back in, well a little is OK!!