Friday, July 1, 2016

Happy Canada Day!!!

To all my Canadian readers from coast to coast I wish you a wonderful Canada day!

Here in Quebec July 1st is MOVING DAY. Leases are usually 12 months and start on July 1st.

Which means that it is treasure day for a trash picker as myself....It is true that I try to limit the stuff I bring home because, let's face it my home is very well stocked, not to mention my Dad's apartment!

Today, returning from a fast trip to the corner grocer, I took the opportunity to visit the different piles of trash on my street....

Boy was I in for a MAJOR find! This is something I have been yearning for for several years....

And it was waiting for me lying on its side on top of a box of empty bottles....

 A safe T blowmold ice cream cone!!!
OMG! I ran home as fast as I could holding it tight just
like a little girl squealing with delight!
I will be purchasing a lottery ticket this afternoon!

 I got new sandals, half off with free delivery....
See how well my toes compliment the sandals?
And they are comfy! BONUS!

 I had to call a company to clean my roof drain, I have a flat roof.

See the dark space in the middle of the picture?
I was informed that hole was home to rats....
The exterminator is coming Monday morning!
Earlier today while vacuuming we blew out a circuit but we can't reset it...
Oh well, I'll try to have an electrician early next week...

And no week is complete without a condescending email from the executor.
The good news is that I am choosing not to let it ruin my day and that I should be rid of her
by the end of September.

Another good news is that I have found the joy of blogging again!

Be safe, be well


Keep on thrifting! 


Cheapchick said...

Happy Canada Day to you too! So glad to see you back blogging. Great find! I would love a moveout day/trash picking day! I have to seek out those who put out free signs on the side of the road instead. Eek rats! Yucko.

Linda @ A La Carte said...

It looks like a Happy Canada Day for sure!!