Sunday, July 24, 2016

Seen Around

I have been busy doing an inventory of my Dad's HUGE Fontani Nativity.

I have cases and cases of palm trees, animals and people. And maybe 40 buildings....Maybe more.

I will be returning to work next Tuesday part time. Yippeee (NOT) . While I was off, I realized that I don't really like it there...Took me 5 years....

I will wait 6 months to see, if I change my mind and maybe look within the same company, different department.

In the meantime, I will share things I've seen around!

 This character is on the side of a building on St-Denis street.
He makes me smile!

 I love old water tanks on top of buildings.
They are a dying breed in Montreal.

 There is a lot of street art in my neighborhood.
Isn't this fish gorgeous?

This doll scared me and reminded me of that crazy 
character played by Kristen Wiig

Image result for kristen wiig snl characters


When I saw this ceramic pizza shoe votive holder,
I wondered who was the person who dreamt this up!
Is that crazy or what?

Last but not least...I went to a big thrift last week and there was nothing good....
except this Pyrex bowl that had already been snatched up by a woman.
I hid to take the picture!

Have a great Sunday night!


Linda @ A La Carte said...

I love that bowl in someone's else's cart! I've stalked people in hopes they would put something down, they hardly ever do. Ugh to going back to work!

Cheapchick said...

A pizza votive the person who bought it and then donated it. Then the crazy person who thought it was so great they could resell it at the thrift store for $2. Nasty! Love the fish sidewalk art. Sometimes change is good, perhaps a place in another area of your company would be better. I have actually gone on vacation and come back to a job (in my previous life) and realized how much I dreaded going back, not normal vacation back to work dread but this job will kill me kind of dread. So glad that part of my working life is behind me.

Summer said...

The fish street art is really gorgeous ♥