Sunday, July 3, 2016

My Favorite Store

Did I mention I love my new neighborhood ?

That I feel alive more so than the last 5 years? I love the neighborhood life, the cafés, the bistros and the little one of a kind shops...

Speaking of which, I am head over heels about  this adorable shop that is just one block away from my house.

 I present to you the Lambert Gratton General Store.
Located on the corner of De Bullion street and Duluth, it opened in June 2015.

 Every item in this delightful space is curated with love and care.
Here you can find amazing local products, handmade soaps,
mustards, sauces, soft drinks, cards...
all made in Quebec!

 And a beautiful selection of vintage items,
all reasonably priced.

 Check out all the glassware!
I am sure you could find a missing piece for your set.

 The artisan spruce beer and root beer are my personal faves!

 They also have a delightful selection of Pyrex.

Aren't these beautiful displays?

 A nice selection of tools for the gardener.

 And even some fab vintage lawn chairs....

My latest find? those adorable kitschy S&P shakers..
Just because....

So folks if you are planning a Montreal visit, be sure to visit 
Magasin General Lambert Gratton and like them on Facebook

See you there!


Linda @ A La Carte said...

What a neat little store! I would love to visit Montreal again someday!!

Cheapchick said...

So cool! I hope to get there one day, on my Canada list of places to visit:)