Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Such Finesse

While I was researching things to do in New York , I came upon a YouTube video of the Best

Thai restaurant in Manhattan....

Oh my, I thought, this would be a great thing to try! So I made a reservation.

The only thing I didn't plan was the distance, we had an hour walk to get there!

On our way we saw great brownstones, buildings and bottegas.

We even walked under an overpass ....It was pretty dark

But we got safely there!

The restaurant is named the Nuaa. You can find several videos on YouTube for it.

The decor is nice, the atmosphere is peaceful and the service is very professional .

We opted for a meal of appetizers

 Tom Yum soup , amazing shrimp!

 Tom Ka soup- This was one of the best things I have EVER eaten! 
It is a coconut chicken soup with pieces of fish and mushrooms
The fusion of flavors was amazing. Silky!

Tuna Tacos. This is one of the spiciest things I have ever
put in my mouth!

 These purple dumplings were one of the reasons I wanted to visit this restaurant.
They are shape like flowers, the chef makes only 12 orders each day and these
were served to the Thai emperor.
They are made of peanuts and chicken and something else I forget...
They were good but not extraordinary....But I am so glad I had the opportunity
to taste them!
 Up next, wild mushrooms spring rolls
those were AMAZING! If I was rich and had a plane,
I would you to that restaurant for the Tom Ka and the mushroom spring rolls!!!

and for the salt and pepper calamari! served with a ginger yuzu
sauce, OMG my only complaint is I wanted more!
Sauce and calamari!

Until next time! I hope when I go back that place will still be opened!

Have a great night!

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Cheapchick said...

MMMMM mouth watering! We love Thai food! So jealous