Sunday, April 2, 2017

It happens

Everyday I want to post, everyday I get sucked in the Facebook Group Pyrex and All Things Vintage....

God oh God, this is sooooo addictive!

Here in Quebec, winter is still here.....Spring seems to be very shy!

 That's a picture of the yard on Friday night.

Here Meghan is make sure everything is secure outside....
such a sweet soul.

I have started exercising regularly. We have a great opportunity at work to take yoga classes 3 times a week for a really, really good price.
so I have been taking advantage of that. 3 days , 3 teachers 3 different styles...and I love it!

I also found out that I have 8 classes left from a package I paid for in November....Yay!

So last Thursday I took a stretching class and That was wonderful as well. I didn't sweat too much!

I have been big batch cooking too. Last weekend we, yes WE made 120 pork dumplings....
It was super fun and delicious!

Unfortunately the pictures I took yesterday for this post haven't downloaded I will finish this
tomorrow...I hope!

Finally! a picture of my tamale making session....

It was really hard work, but very delicious!

I froze a bunch!

Today I went driving.....for 2 hours. Still on my learner's permit at 51 !
I feel this is the right time, I am very confident and the driving is quite smooth.

I donated 2 boxes of cookbooks and didn't bring anything back...
That is always a plus....

Still working on my giveaway prizes, 
yes there will be more than one!

Stay safe and keep on thrifting!


Cheapchick said...

Pork dumplings and tamales! I'm envious! I've never tried yoga, really need to. I keep seeing all the snowstorms on the news that Quebec is getting, so ridiculous! Good for you to learn how to drive - maybe wait until the snow is mostly gone :) I went thrifting yesterday and didn't bring home anything, thank goodness for our 24 hour facebook bidding site.

Linda @ A La Carte said...

Big batch cooking is awesome! I have thought about yoga as I hear it is so good for you and easy on an 'older' body (I'm talking me not you). Oh to learn to drive later in life is amazing to me. I went to thrift shop the other day and bought nothing! Yay me!

Tania said...

I'm in my late twenties and I can't drive, although I do hope to learn in the future. I never felt confident enough to learn when I was younger.

I've never tried yoga, but apparently it's good for you :)