Tuesday, June 5, 2018

Eating in Rome on a budget

Technically we were not on a budget but as we did the math.....somethings became superfluous.

Food can be really expensive in Rome so you have to choose wisely.

I was really excited to check out McDonald's in Rome because of the special menu items and they did not disappoint!

 Omelet with cheese and ham. Very good like I would make
at home.
If you watch Masterchef, Joe Bastianich did a collab with McDonald's Italy
for  a line of limited time burgers.

 Both were very fresh and tasty, not like fastfood.
Unfortunately I could not find the picture of my favorite find at McDonald's....
Croquette di spinacchi con Parmeggiano Reggiano. 
it is a small round patty of spinach and parmesan cheese, crispy fried.

I swear if they sold these at my grocery store in Montreal, I would buy some
all the time! perfect as an appetizer!

 Certain restaurants offer service at the table.....
You can order wine and beer.
we also noticed that the taste of all the items was better. all ingredients
are sourced in Italy and that makes a difference...trust me

The coffees are top rate and more than affordable!
They also serve a fresh squeezed blood orange juice! So delicious!

An espresso is 1 Euro, which is $1.50 CAD or $1.17 USD
Cappuccinos were 1,60 Euros or $1.87 USD or $2.42 CAD.
So a usual McDonald's breakfast in Rome was 12 Euros, or $18.00 CAD or $14.00 USD.

I know it sounds expensive for 2 cappuccinos, 1 scrambled egg with bacon and english muffin, 1 ham and cheese omelet with english muffin and 1 water bottle...but it was the best deal we could find.
One morning we went across the street from our hotel and for 14 Euros we got 2 cappuccinos (5 Euros each) and we split an order of toast with ham and cheese (4 Euros).
Cappuccinos varied between 1,60 Euros (MsDonald's to 7 Euros.....or $8.17 USD or $10.50 CAD)

One of the cool places I found to eat on a budget is
you can get a pasta dish for 4 Euros everyday, fresh pasta! There was always a HUGE line up
so we did't get to try it.

You can also get panini for around 3,50 Euros , $4.08 USD or $5.29 CAD which is also
a great deal because I've seen $10 dollar sandwhiches in downtown Montreal.

so yes it is possible to eat on a budget in Rome!


Linda @ A La Carte said...

You just have to look around. I found in Paris the best deal was to buy items from the patisserie and eat them at the apt we rented.

Cheapchick said...

The local markets had a lot of reasonable priced options too. We just had pasta and salad in a couple of times. Meat was expensive at the grocery store though, twice as much for chicken breast as what we pay at home. We did eat at McDonalds at the Naples airport as were tired of pasta and pizza - and it tasted very good although I didn't see the special menu items (hubby went up and bought though he didn't mention it). At home McDonalds for 2 is 25 CAD so not really that cheap either