Friday, June 8, 2018

R.I.P. Tony

This morning at 6:50 am...While at my desk in my home office, reading my work emails

I got the news that Anthony Bourdain passed. That news shook me to the core.

I had never experienced that live of pain for someone I've never met.

I sat there at my desk unable to work anymore, just staring at my keyboard.

Then I got a text: Bourdain is dead! from my friend M.

I don't remember how exactly I heard of Anthony Bourdain....Maybe it was when we got a channel unlock and we got the travel channel....or was it from a book review?

all I know is that he took my culinary knowledge to the next level! I know most of the strange and exotic ingredients because of him and my curiosity.

I watched all the No Reservations episodes, then I found A Cook's Tour, The Layover, Parts Unknown and I read all his books....some multiple times.

I loved his curiosity...He wanted to visit countries we never heard of or did not want to visit....He ate weird stuff, he visited families in their homes and was always appreciative and gracious about it.

He really appreciated the time and effort that was put in a meal.

I loved that he was a load mouth opinionated man that did not care for mediocrity.

His tweets were legendary.

I am so sad for his family, his little girl, his girlfriend...

no little girl should loose her Dad.....

Bye for now


Cheapchick said...

I agree, Tony was epic and it shook me too. Last night I heard of a friends passing, someone whom I lost touch with but at one time lived with as a roommate for a year when I was in my 20s. Very sad time right now

P. said...

It's so sad. I loved his various shows, too, and his way of describing things and talking to people. Haven't read any of his books, but plan to now. Which did you like most?

Linda @ A La Carte said...

I also sat at my computer shocked. He will be missed so much.

Nogrinnin said...

I was shocked and deeply saddened as well. I remember the first time I saw him, he was a guest judge on Top Chef. I had no idea who he was or why he was talking like that ("What are you running here, a crack house?" - I'll never forget that line), but he instantly captivated me. I started watching No Reservations, read Kitchen Confidential, and my ears started perking up whenever I heard his name. His no bullshit attitude combined with his seemingly endless curiosity and respect for other cultures was an invitation to explore, learn, and be adventurous. I'm a vegetarian and he always made fun of vegetarians, but that didn't matter to me. Such a vibrant soul. I'd thought his demons were behind him. Alas no. My heart aches for his family and friends. What a terrible loss.