Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Rome Food

This post will be about extraordinary food, dishes you need to eat in Rome!

since we walked to much a lot of meals came from random restaurants on little side streets.

Side street equals less expensive....and probably the farther you go from Rome Historic Neighborhood the less expensive it will be.

Nevertheless I had the best Italian food I've had in years. What is up with that wonderful food?

I have no idea! But everything is tastier, fresher and the way things are supposed to taste like!

Bottled water? Light as air, eggs? orange yolks, meat? so tasty!

Is it the air? I don't know but everything tasted better.

and the cheese OMG!

 If you go to Rome and you want to eat a real typical but unknown dish...
this is the one for you! Carciofi alla Judea or Artichokes Jewish style.

the artichokes are flattened  and deep fried.
Even if I have been to Rome before I had never tasted that and it was definitely on my bucket list!
This did not disappoint!
The petals are just like chips and the inside is soft and comforting!

 Caprese salad. You haven't had a good Capprese salad until you've visited Italy.
What is up with the cheese and those tomatoes??? Don't forget to add balsamic vinegar...
so good!

I don't know if this is a typical Rome dish, but my Dad made a lot of these.
So of course I had to try it...
Very good, very fresh.

In that restaurant....you could tell that they were accepting of tourists but not fans of tourists.
But the food was so good that I had to go back and I actually ordered everything in Italian!
I could tell that the owner was very proud of this!

from a tourist trap sort of....
 This meal was amazing as well....even if it came 
Fritura Mista or mixed fried thingies...lol
Calamari and shrimps and fried spaghetti.
I wish I could get a whole plate of those shrimps!
They were sooooo good!
Dan my amazing co pilot loved the salmon!

Although those meals were more expensive...you need to factor in
the fact that the food tasted amazing!

More adventures on another day!

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Cheapchick said...

The food was great - my favorite was the buffalo mozzerella, wish we had it like that at home. And the tomatoes were great, be bought those and strawberries at the local produce market near the Vatican and they were so so good.