Saturday, October 3, 2009

1 year anniversary!

One year ago yesterday, I logged in to Etsy and created my little shop! I'm really proud of that because I learned quite a lot and met wonderful people! The positive experiences quite outweigh the negative ones...Oh Canada Post why are you fast overseas and slow for the U.S? Is it a political thing? And those prices! Oï!
I just noticed it was the shops anniversary quite late last night...I'm not really good with these things. I just realised that I wrote more than 200 posts in this blog and haven't celebrated....

I'll have to think about a

On the culinary front, I had the very,very strong urge to cook with pumpkin. Funny because usually when I do, it tastes like crap! And in all the cooking magazines all you see is pumpkin this, pumpkin that even on Rachael Ray last night she was cooking ravioli with pumpkin!

My Mom made this terrible tasting pumpkin jam (eurk) and my experiences with pumpkin pie were disastrous (taking a bite and throwing the whole thing in the garbage!). I found this recipe for pumpkin loaf with cream cheese, sounded delicious and is delicious! It won the Dan's seal of approval!

Here's the link!



Leilani said...

Yay for pumpkin... this is the time of year that I crave the flavor.

I've been toying with the idea of starting an etsy store-- any tips? :)

Vonlipi said...

Having an Etsy shop is really fun!

But do your shipping research otherwise you might end up losing money! I just discovered E-Crater by Google. It's also a market place.
Let me know so I can put you in my favorites stores!

Mom Walds Place said...

Congratulations!!! I agree, Etsy is an incredible amount of fun with great people. It's also an incredible learning experience.

Hmm, would you like my pumpking cupcake recipe? It's super simple and incredibly addictive. Almost as important is how great they look piled in a vintage bowl.

The Crazy Suburban Mom said...

Okay, for me pumpkin always a eruk. Bad experience years ago where I ate one piece of pie to be nice and they put another on my plate cause I finished the first one. OMG Ive not been able to look at a pumpkin anything since I was 16 years old. No pie, no pie spice - honestly i can hardly get down anything thats clove/allspice/ cinnamon flavored.

Im gagging now.

The Crazy Suburban Mom said...

Oh, what I meant was happy anniversary.

Vonlipi said...

Thanks everybody!

MWP Yes I would like your recipe for muffins. You can write me at

CSM You might like something other than pie, if I can try a new pumpkin recipe so can you! ;)

The Crazy Suburban Mom said...

oh, no. thats not going to happen. never never never...not even if you served me pumpkin anything in pink pyrex and told me i could take the pink thing home as the door prize for eating it!

not going to happen. I was so traumatized.

Vonlipi said...

Too bad my crazy friend! I was gonna send you one! lol

The Crazy Suburban Mom said...

Okay, I posted about my pumpkin hell ...

You forced me!