Wednesday, October 14, 2009

My Ontario finds

My lovely thrifting friend CSM (Crazy Suburban Mom) at gave me just the right push to participate in the Retro Tuesday (Wednesday) this week. I can be quite lazy at times and never post the pics of my finds....and sometimes I'm quite shy to post pics of items that will go in my Etsy store because I don't really want this blog to be about self promotion-NOT that there's anything wrong with that! So here goes!

I found the Pyrex Delphite pie crust cup and saucer in an old nearly new store in the middle of nowhere....Perfect condition! It will go well with my collection. I figure if I ever want to serve tea or coffee I need more than 2 cups!
I had wished for an un-divided veggie casserole, and lo and behold this one jumped right at me in the Gananoque Flea market, but really. All went quiet and then I saw it....It was kind of scary and exciting all at the same time.I don't think it was ever used. It came with a lid that doesn't belong....but at 6.50$ I consider it a bargain since I saw a similar one (same lid different botton un-divided) for 15$. I left it there (the 15$ one) and the vendor was quasi obnoxious playing the all knowing Pyrex master and he obviously didn't know anything! I just smiled and left.

I did find something for the shop, but I'm still not satisfied with the level of cleanliness! It had decades of crap on it....It's a Jadeite FireKing bowl...SWEET!
I was thrilled to see that this part of Ontario was chuck full of thrift shops,Flea markets and antique shops. I will be back for sure!


Maureen said...

Pyrex lasts forever doesn't it? I have pieces that have been through a lot of wear and tear and they still look great.

I'll check out your etsy shop. IMHO, I think it's fine to promote your shop in your blog. Most people do. (I've been considering one myself but as with everything, I over analyze everything to death. I'm working on a Nike attitude - Just do it!)

P.S. I've been to Ganonoque / Thousand Islands but that was long ago. Picton too. Nice area.

Thrifted Treasure said...

Thanks for your info on my post about the proper names for the patterns I yearn for! Love your new find! I laughed at the above comment on your post - "pyrex lasts forever, Mauren hasn't met my son!!!: ;-)

The Crazy Suburban Mom said...

Honestly, you should be linking to esty - I looked at your shop the other day and was - omg, shes selling that? And than went back again - its not cheesy to mention it... its giving people the opportunity who want something a place to find what they want.

for real