Monday, October 19, 2009

The Barn

You know how you can walk or drive past something really extraordinary a gazillion times and not notice? happened to us yesterday. After the dance class (which was so much fun by the way!)

We decided to grab a bite in Hudson maybe 15 minutes away and near our destination there it was....

A big old barn with opened doors and tatered flags, you know the ones, re,white and blue and writen 'Antiques' on them.

Unfortunately we could stop we were too hungry (line dancing really makes you work out an appetite)
So after a delicious lunch of roast beef sandwich au jus and key lime pie, we went back to the said barn. By the way the pics are front the 'backyard' of the Willow Place Inn in Hudson.

I was a bit apprehensive at first because it looked and felt like the Pick n Paw, remember the Pick n Paw? if not you you can read about it in this post

It sure looked like it! All dusty and opened cupboards full of half full water bottles, an the guy said: if you have questions I'll be in the car...After the first few feet it became quite apparent that this was the bestest barn EVER! I believe all the collectibles were represented here! No joke!

I saw glasses,dishes,McCoy,Glasbake,LeCreuset,rolling pins,barware,lanterns,luggage,lamps,furniture,cups,decanters,boxes,tins,bottles,sports gear,Fireking and of course the big P...the Pyrex. I never knew such a gem existed so near! It was so full of stuff, I'm sure I missed some. The biggest concentration of Pyrex i had seen in a long time...I had to pick up my jaw from the floor!

And for a big barn by the side of the road it is surprisingly clean, I didn't see mouse poo! How does one keep this big space so clean? And no spider webs! The only problem was the lack of lighting...Next time we'll be sure to bring flashlights!!! I found these 2 little guys in great condition for a very fair price.
Less than I paid for one in Brimfield Mass....
I'll be back to the'sure!


The Crazy Suburban Mom said...

I saw those one time. An estate sale run by pirates....I mean this one company that I hate. They were in a set - well 2 sets, the yellow one like you have and a red one. Little bowls and big with maybe a lid? or lids? Anyway - price on each set? $50 I think. Maybe more. At an estate sale! I mean - I feel like screaming - If I wanted to pay retail Id be at your shop instead of picking spiders off my legs... and there were sooo many spiders at this place cause this womans house was to the brim.

Vonlipi said...

Spiders off your legs! Well I didn't see any spiders here!

When people learn that you could make money by selling Pyrex, some go crazy! 50$ is way too much! I know that a nice hostess set (a big bowl with a lid and 4 smaller bowls) is hard to find but 50$???? It's like people selling a pink refrigerator set for 250$!!! Whenever I sell something in my shop I try to keep the price fair and I do a lot of research. I don't want to overcharge people just for the sake of making a buck. That is what's wrong with this world...People wanting to make money on other people's backs!

The Crazy Suburban Mom said...

Yep, pretty much. Im not even kidding about the spiders. I was still finding them in my van a week later. it was horrible.

I know things go for that much sometimes and I even get it... RETAIL! but don't make me slog through someones dusty basement and than charge me the price you would charge if you had taken it to you're shop, sparkled the thing up all nice and shiny... wrapped it in bubble wrap and put a bow on it for me!

I mean, crazy. I really dislike that estate sale dealer and thats why i dont go to their sales.