Saturday, September 19, 2009

Pick 'N' Paw

This is the second part of the way home.

I mentionned this place earlier in the blog...The Pick 'n' Paw! Mysterious place...It certainly looks like a flea market....A demented flea market! Huge piles of stuff all over the ground....An Old barn. It was closed when we passed in front on Aug 29th but one week later on the Sept 5th it was opened, and we almost missed it! We went back. There was piles of stuff as far as the eye could see, huge piles. Rotten cardboard boxes full of dishes, of rusted metal boxes,of old phonebooks....Whatever you wish for they probably have it but you need to dig! And it's filthy! EEEEWWWWWW!!!!

Well that certainly didn't stop me! After all we have wet ones in the car (the thrifter's best friend!). After going through a couple of boxes I found a 503 lid (Pyrex). It's the lid that goes on the biggest refrigerator dish. Great !I needed one, especially for 50 cents!

Did I mention that this place is in the middle of nowhere? In a field? I can't see anybody! I only hear crickets....We walk around the grounds and obviously they don't get a lot of traffic, the grass is waist high. At the far end a bunch of chickens are running around, scratching and pecking .

The building is missing windows and planks. Near the entrance are 2 clean and nice looking teenagers. I peer inside and it's looks really dark and creepy. And there's stuff all over the place, from floor to ceiling. It's a cross between Children of the Corn and Supernatural!

I'm pretty skittish and we hesitate. But curiosity and the prospect of treasures (Pink Pyrex) win us over.

I found those 2 Pyrex cups in an unknown pattern for 50 cents each too. No Pink Pyrex,or bowls. Is it necessary to mention that they don't give you a bag? LOL

This place definitely scared the bejesus out of me, I had goose bumps for at least an hour after!

But stopping at the Pick 'n' Paw was on my dream list and I will bring Dad next time we're in the neighborhood!


Toronto Yardsaler said...

So freakin' spooky. I'm surprised you weren't greeted by a one-eyed woman stroking a bunny asking if you'd like a rabbit for a pet or for meat.
I'm lovin' the road trip.

The Crazy Suburban Mom said...

OMG - you're hysterical... the children of the corn yardsale.


now why can't I find stephen kings yard sale?


Vonlipi said...

I tell you I was scared!

I might go to Bangor (where Stephen King lives) next year....maybe I'll get lucky!

Leilani said...

What an adventure and I love the name of it, seems like something you'd find in the rural South. :)