Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Ormstown and Huntingdon

On friday September 18th (Dan was still on vacation), we figured out it was time for our annual Ormstown excursion/frech fry tasting. Off we went with our little cooler full of water and snacks (nuts,fruits just healthy stuff). We were going to have some of the world's best fries after all!

And we took the scenic route: Valleyfield, Ste-Barbe...the beautiful fields..So we arrive in Ormstown and no Patate Leblanc! OMG! Where is it?

Guess what? We're in the wrong town! And it's not the first time we make that mistake! Patate Leblanc is in Huntingdon! So we go to Huntingdon and we find Patate Leblanc....YUM! BIG YUMMO!!!

In the box we have: 2 toast├ęs moutarde chou et une patate a 2.25.

Translation: 2 toasted hotdogs with slaw and mustard and a 2.25$ fry. No frozen crap here! All fresh all the time. You can hear the guy behind the counter cutting the potatoes with his special guizmo...French fry heaven! And the restaurant is always full, and a good portion of the clientele is American! Huntingdon is not to far from the border with N.Y state. You can tell they find it quite exotic, with the cardboard box. After that satisfying lunch we went back to Ormstown and it's charming boutiques.

I found the Delphite (Pyrex) veggie bowl in a small antiques shop and I wasn't sure if I would buy it...So Dan said, what are you waiting for? You don't find Delphite for that price anywhere (15$) and besides I don't want you whinning because you regret not buying it! Well that was to the point!

Turns out that for that price was also included a Delphite creamer! I say! An even better deal!

You can admire the bowl in the first pic with the apples in...Delphite...just like buttah!
I'm glad we took that outing, Ormstown was even better than I remembered! Huntingdon was worse than I remembered, but was saved by the delicious fries!


The Crazy Suburban Mom said...

Been wondering where you were the last few days :) As to that pyrex, I think that goes for lots of $$$$, doesn't it? Thats the light blue color right? I never heard of it till recently and never have seen any ...in front of me that is.

So, wow! Now your the baby blue pyrex queen too, huh? lol

My vintage hunting's cut to almost nothing these days with no car. Im having some withdrawl.


Vonlipi said...

LOL! Queen of the baby blue Pyrex! That is so funny!

In Canada, Pyrex produced a line of baby blue (delphite) pieces in the piecrust pattern. I know of a dish set,a couple of bowls and some refrigerator dish pieces. I don't think there's a lot of documentation on it. You see more of it over here but it's still quite elusive! Elusive=expensive!