Tuesday, September 8, 2009

The Beach at last!

AAAaaaaahhhhh! the sea breeze...That invigoratig seaweed smell! The sun, the salt,the sea!

DELICIOUS! The room (condo) was amazing. Tons of space, 2 floors,2 living rooms (so Dad can watch his old black and white movies and I can watch the Food network) 2 bathrooms...And the deck! It was on the third floor just like a cherry on a sundae....Sunny,windy the perfect place to enjoy a drink before supper!

The water was cold,and the wind colder!!! Brrr! Where's my electric blanket???

No matter. We are here and we will ejoy no matter what!

Speaking of enjoying....How about a fishermen's platter? Fried food....at The Lobster Claw in Saco (just a short drive from OOB).

It was delicious! I split it with Dad, becasue there's no way I could eat that all my myself! Extra lemon please! The lemon makes it easier for the body to digest that mound of crispy joy!

No dessert for me....

Tomorrow...the Arundel Flea Market!


The Crazy Suburban Mom said...

I read this yesterday...I didnt comment? I thought I commented? I might have been distracted by that seafood platter that looked might tasty. I mean, fried seafood? what could be bad.

Im going to the beach in the fall, I love it than...

Vonlipi said...

There's nothing wrong with fried seafood! lol

The beach in the fall is very nice also!