Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Arundel Flea Market

Situated on a street corner the Arundel Flea Market has tons to offer.

It has clean bathrooms (that is definitely a plus!) inside and a restaurant outside. Lots of stuff to see outside too!

I always start the adventure outside then move inside.

This place was really full of treasures! I found this Kitchen Glassware book (4$)that was a hit with both Dan and Dad. We looked at it for hours on end...Who knew that some lemon reamers could sell for 2000$

? Well not us...

I found this super cute nut chopper. Made by Hazel Atlas. It is in great condition without chips or cracks. I'm still on the fence about keeping it!

In the same pic, the 2 pink blobs (that look like, I just realized it, breasts! ) are actually S&P shakers. They are pink lemons...Get your mind out of the gutter people!LOL!
Still on the fence about those too! I'll try to post a better pic so you can see how cute they really are!

Also Dan has a vintage drinking glass the Return of the Jedi glass was bought (2$)

This is where last year Dad wanted to buy me a pink fridgie set (complete,mint,no chips) and I refused, I felt it was too much money.
Well I still think about that set! I still think it was WAY too expensive. Needless to say no pink Pyrex was to be seen at that place!
Last but not least....Drumroll please! the Vintage Pink Carry-on Case with vintage stickers! Dan gave me some mad money for my B-Day so I took advantage of it!
As soon as I saw it, I grabbed it with my pudgy little hands and would not let the risk of breaking everything in sight! I just cleaned it and can't wait to go away on a cool weekend and bring it with me!
Now in real life....we started to clean the basement...eurk! Dusty,spidery,generally eek inducing,humid..Anyways we threw out 3 garbage bags, 4 boxes, filled the cars to donate to the Salvation Army and recycled an old car battery....I'm tired now!


Dime Store Thrift said...

Seriously loving up that nut chopper! How cute is that?!

The Crazy Suburban Mom said...

Oh wow very very nice finds! Love the stuff you got! Suitcase is adorable and so is the chopper but I can't quite think of what to say about the booby lemon salt and pepper shakers... they sure are something!

lol, they are something. all i can think of!

I went to this antique place yesterday in NJ - i was floored. i never saw so much of this stuff in one place at one time in my life. it was pretty much retail, but most on the low end of retail...but not outrageous, I mean... pyrex, anchor hocking...jadite, retro, vintage...everything in the world. swear my head almost exploded.

Mom Walds Place said...

What do you make with pink lemons? Pink Lemonade!

Bravo to you for cleaning the basement. How do they get that way anyways?

Vonlipi said...

Thanks for stopping by y'all!

Tonight I think I'll keep the nut chopper....Still not sure about the pink boobies!

But I'm sure I'll find what to do with them!

My basement is unfinished and really a woodworking space, but we open the door and just throw stuff in! That's what happens!