Friday, September 25, 2009


Summer weather has been crappy at best and it's a miracle we got veggies at all!

Since it rained so much there weren't enough berries in the woods to feed the bears and in some rural villages they are roaming in the streets (imagine that!) looking for food...Yikes!

The tomatoes were a real disaster I got 4 that rippened on the vine...I'm bringing the rest in green, because the nights are getting cold! Flannel PJ's here I come!
I didn't to swim enough in the pool....I'll try to get one last dip this afternoon, coz' I'll be closing it early next week...sigh
My neighborhood farm stand will be closing for the season in couple of weeks. I will surely miss all thos delicious veggies. I bought the best carrots yesterday...and those red potatoes that taste like they have butter built in!

These are my harvested squash so far. 2 acorns and 3 butternut, certainly less butternuts than last year, but the acorns are my first! 2 summers ago I sowed some and the squirrels ate them all...Those little %$/"!!?&*( ! LOL

Last pic is what I harvested yesterday. I still have tons of cukes...I don't know what the mini butternut look a like is....and the big round zucchini? pumpkin? Remember all my markers were whiped clean by the rain? Good times! I can't wait to try them!
Tv watching is real hard this season because the networks all programmed my fave shows at the same times! Last night at 9 was Fringe,Supernatural and CSI, what is a girl to do? PVRs are still too expensive to my taste....So the temporary fix is....I watch Fringe at 9, CSI at 8, Bones that is normally at 8 I'll watch wednesday at 8 instead of watching the results of DWTS and Supernatural I'll watch on Space on another day or on the web....Wow I'm all mixed up! LOL
Maybe I should stop watching TV all togheter!

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The Crazy Suburban Mom said...

Yes, the weather this summer? MAN! Im with you... Altho I have no pool... lol.

As to the tv thing, Ive got no recorder either and I do have a vcr, cant program it for beans. so no help there :)

Since I can't stay awake past 8:30 I pretty much miss everything I want to see and I hate that!

I think I might have to find a way to tape them or something...but after all these years I don't think thats gonna happen