Saturday, September 12, 2009

Cliff's Antiques

Sometimes I find that I'm lacking inspiration...It's not that I have nothing to write....but I doubt the interestingness of it all.
I would like to thank some of my blogger friends CSM (Crazy Suburban Mom) and Erin at for mentionning my blog. It's always nice to realize that actual people read what I write! There's always the hit counter but....Speaking of the hit counter, it freaked out this week and went from 4000 something to more than 11,000!!! What the???
Ok now for the real reason for this post: Cliff's antiques! Situated on rte 1 in Scarborough Maine, my father refers to it as the dirty flea market. Dirtier than the one in Oxford (the Undercover flea market). So this year it was really funny 'coz Dad kept saying: You know, it is much cleaner than I remember!
2 Yeard ago I scored some of my first Pyrex. The big yellow 404 from the Primary set 6$, my Butterprint frigie set (minus one small one) only 10$ and a Blue Snowflake casserole with decorated lid 7$. Last year Dad got me the very now famous Mad Men casserole (space saver) green with the gold wheat. So of course I had HIGH expectations from this place....
I find that since I now have quite the collection, the missing pieces are harder to find! And this year it felt like someone sucked all the good Pyrex from Maine!
So I was quite sick of seeing all that Verde and Old Orchard! LOL
So I found the Old Town creamer 1$ and hiding inside another bowl, the Square Flower Green 402 1$. I was really happy to find these so cheap. Dad got me the Early American fridgie. The cat on the side looks just like Bob (my big hunter).
Dan got the bourbon glass for a cool 1$
This morning we painted the front porch and it looks so much better! This afternoon more basement cleaning!


Thrifted Treasure said...

Yay white pyrex!! Great finds! Funnily enough I recently did a little photoshoot of some of my white pyrex pieces for an upcoming post, you've inspired me to get it out there :-)

Mom Walds Place said...

Oh, I see how this works, you only love people who mention you in their blog. I can do that. Hey, nobody ever said I was proud.

Seriously though, I am COVETING your creamer.

I have a couple of Early Americana casseroles with "the Hunter". Nice to know who that cat is now. Now that I think of it, I'd be willing to swap those.

Vonlipi said...

MWP, don't be a sour puss!

I love you too! Even if you didn't mention me in your blog!

I have never noticed the hunter on those casseroles. I'll have to check it out!

The Crazy Suburban Mom said...

HECK YEAH! I read your blog! What are you talking about???? You have pink pyrex karma! And as to these, I've never seen any of these pieces... I've seen a few things kind of recently in a thrift store I never saw, all ratty, so I let them pass but I've never seen these. And they look in great condition!

Ms. Hawkins said...

You're the Pyrex Queen, young and free, only 17... Most of the rest of us are just amateurs by comparison.
I was going to bike to Value Village at lunch today. It was their 50% off sale. I was too busy organizing homework folders that I didn't make it. I'm going back there this week. Maybe I'll find another Snowflake casserole for you. I live in hope.
Erin Toronto Yardsaler

Vonlipi said...

Thank you everyone! I truly love getting your comments!

CSM: Yes you, my crazy suburban friend of course I know you read my blog! You leave a comment almost everyday!I would be sad if you stopped dropping by!

And Erin! My thrifting Canadian friend, I'm so glad I found you and your thrifting adventures on your bike!

Be well! Keep reading! You make my day!

The Crazy Suburban Mom said...

Well, of course I read you everyday! When you post everyday...which Im thinking you didnt today.

No pressure of course :)