Wednesday, September 16, 2009

It's Guy Fieri's fault! Again....

Ok flashback to my beach vacation! So it's the last night, it's nearly supper time, I don't want to cook....We don't want to eat seafood....I'm watching the food network while reading a book,while savouring a cold one....And I see the commercial for Famous Dave's BBQ And of course I think of Guy Fieri and triple D....The commercial is so tacky that we decide to go and sample some of Dave's fare!
Man oh Man that is a big restaurant! I like the bbq shack decor, I spy a horizon 442 (but I forget to take a pic). The menu is not too big and the prices are reasonnable.

I get the brisket and Dan the chicken. The brisket was DELICIOUS (is it real BBQ? I don't know? But since Guy Fieri won't return my calls-kidding!). Dan's chicken was way udercooked, I flagged our waitress and presto changeo a new chicken appears perfectly cooked, with profuse appologies!

Of course it was way too much food for us! we really liked our experience. Great service, great food, we already know what we'll be eating next time we go!
We took a walk in the nearby mall and ended up at Haven's candies (of course!) Yes ,we bought some, but I forget what because we ate them all!
Later that night while surfing the web, I found out that Famous Dave's is a HUGE chain with more than 120 restaurants! I had never heard about that chain (???), of course I can't know everything....rats!


The Crazy Suburban Mom said...

Oh that looks good! Although, undercooked chickens skeeery!

I love that show by the way! Diners Drive-ins, etc....

Its my favorite on the food network... one of the only ones left I watch. I mean... PUL-EZZZE! What is brian boitnao cooking? What is that? Maybe its good, I cant bring myself to watch it...I didnt realize it was a show for ever...I thought people were just asking that question all over the food network.

sigh. I'm just slow.

Toronto Yardsaler said...

Since getting Bell Expressview, we've become TV addicts and Diners, Drive-ins and Dives is one of our faves. Even our four-year-old likes it. Guy is the best. I love his enthusiasm for down home cookin'. I also like the pride you see on the faces of the cooks as Guy raves about the seasoning or the way "the pork just falls off the bone." The cooks must feel like someone finally understands all of the behind-the-scenes hard work. I just hope poor Guy doesn't have a heart attack from eating all the greasy chow.

Luna81 said...

Yup, we have them in Minnesota, but I hadn't heard of them until I moved here. I'm not a big BBQ type of girl, so I haven't tried it yet.

A few weekends they had their yearly Dave day. If your first name was Dave you ate free. If it's your middle name you got half off.

Vonlipi said...

CSM: We don't have the same shows on Food. While on vacation I the the ad for the Brian Boitano show and tought it sounded pretty stupid...I was surprised at the number of shows with budget recipes in them!

Erin: I'm with you on the greasy food! I don't want Guy to be sick!

Luna81: That's too bad for ladies who can never eat for free! :(