Friday, September 18, 2009

The way home

Flashback to September 5th.....

We left the condo at 9 AM. Byebye Old Orchard! See you soon! From Grey, Maine we took road 26. It seemed that the entire state of Maine had exploded in yard,garage and lawn sales!!!

Signs everywhere! We couldn't stop at each and everyone, we would still be in Maine! LOL!

This little table is now known as the 4$ table. There was plenty of amazing stuff at that sale, but room was lacking at home! We hit a couple more and I got some interesting stuff for the store.
We decided to skip the Undercover flea market (we hab been there a week ago). Not too far from there was Dave's antiques....WOW! Another nice spot for antiquing!
See what I found? The Pyrex glass chimney, this one is the Xmas one. I had seen quite a lot in Flickr and was wanting one real bad....I found a Snidely Whiplash glass for Dan (quite a hit too!)

Unfortunatly today I'm pressed for time...We have a roadtrip ahead....Maybe apple picking or antiquing, one thing is for sure....We will stop at Leblanc Patate for a snack!
The end of the way home will have to wait until tomorrow! Have a super nice day, dear readers!


The Crazy Suburban Mom said...

There is so much pyrex stuff Ive never seen, or was even aware of. What did this sit on? Was it a lamp or something?

And I know what you mean about passing yard sales... where my son is going to school there are tons and everytime I go visit I want to stop and no one will stop.

Vonlipi said...

The Pyrex chimney was part of an F.T.D Xmas flower arrangement in 1980. Probably with a candle in the middle. I don't know what it sat in.

I discover new Pyrex stuff all the time!

Who is driving? If you are just stop, I'm sure everyone will be glad you stopped!