Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Fall Declutter Fest 2009

No pic today. I just finished lunch and I don't feel like cleaning and throwing out things today!

Yesterday I spent the afternoon in the garden shed with garbage bags and the shopvac. I ask you: how many plastic pots (for plants) does a girl need???

Really! I think I put around 100 in the recycling bin, I kidd you not! Oh the mess! I confess! I can be pretty lazy and I open the door and throw things in! So by the end of summer, you can barely go in the shed!

There were seeds (of unknown orgin) all over the floors and I also found some mouse poop in the corners.MOUSE POOP!!!! EEEEWWWWWWW!!!!!

I hate mouse poop, it makes my skin crawl (probably why I don't want to go clean today!). A couple of years ago I had some fruitcake wrapped in foil on a shelf in the entryway closet. Some mice got in and ate a small hole in the foil then proceeded to eat the whole thing! That fruit cake was so laced with booze...Happy drunken mice pooping all over!
It took me quite a while to find the mess. I called the exterminator STAT!

Now every speck of food is in a Tupperware, a metal box or a Mason jar! We never know. The mice might come back this winter. I live accross the river and it's not really the suburbs anymore...

I have to go now...I must be ready for the big Garbage day on Friday


Luna81 said...

I started leaving things in Tupperware after I found a roach in my cereal! So glad to be out of that place. Oh and I'm Evelyn... I followed a link from your Pyrex flickr.

Vonlipi said...

Hi Evelyn! Welcome to my blog! Thanks for the comment.

I'm glad you found me :)