Thursday, February 10, 2011

Stuff I brought back...

Thanks for all the comments on the last post. It was so fun eating @ the Maine Diner. It would definitely be one of my regular spots if I lived in the area. I would try everything on the menu, even the New England boiled dinner, which you probably all know is boiled corned beef, boiled cabbage,boiled potatoes,boiled carrots....Sorry if I made you eat pig out, ditch your diet or fantasize too much about fried food....Believe it or not here @ casa de Vonlipi it is diet time too, well not really diet but changing the way we eat time and I'm proud to report I lost the Maine weight in record time!

Before the Maine escapade I was on a really strict low fat low card diet and I was hungry and angry all the time, the cats were startying to look mighty tasty! Now we are on the GI diet (glycemic index) and we eat all the time and just good for us food, so we'll see.

I'm sure you're wondering if I made purchases in Maine...besides the big bowl in the snow.

Of course I bought interesting things in Maine....

Not the cat! The Crazy Daisy casserole! I didn't have that size and I didn't have any casserole with the small flowers, 3 $ @ Cliff's in Scarborough. Boubou is garding it with his life, good Boubou.

I alway try to have some kind of linen on top of my stove to protect it from spatter. I found this vintagey looking tea towels at Crate and Barrel in Kittery, half price so both for 5$.
Don't they look good with my vintage Tupperware spoon rest from the Sally Ann? That was .99cents and I already started to melt it (accidentaly of course).

Here's Bob glancing at the Autumn Harvest glass canister I found @ Cliff's too....It was 5$ and I was glad to fork it because I'd never seen one in person!

Here it is in all its vintage glory, I will probably put peanuts in it.

I did buy other cool stuff that I was too lazy to capture, but will probably do so in the next few days....

Now about outlet shopping. It was really exotic to go to Kittery for me. I don't really shop retail since I don't work and when I do it's mostly stuff for the house or cheap clothes (like Joe Fresh). I realised I didn't want to go to Ralph Lauren or Calvin Klein (their clothes don't usually fit me), I had no use for Le Creuset (yes they have an outlet) and I don't have kids....So I settled on 3 stores:

Crate and Barrel, now I love seeing all these housewares. Piles of votives,pyramids of glasses,barrels of linens. That store makes me weak in the knees
Yankee Candles, I love seeing all those colors...., the jars all in neat rows, the smells! Speaking of smells...I'm often overwhelmed when I go there and I usually reach for my inhaler! LOL
I don't see the use in the BIG jars (how big can  a candle be!). I bought one once and I got sick of it and threw it away....But I usually dig in their bargain bins and bring home a small jar @ 50%off. I understand that for a lot of my american readers a Yankee Candle is something familiar and everyday, but here in Qu├ębec very few store sell them and they are crazy expensive!

Bass Shoes, I was always in love with their shoes as a teenager...Top siders, penny loafers,clogs....
In the last few years I got 2 pairs of penny loafers (yes I have pennies and nickels in my shoes) and I love them. This year I wanted some winter boots because mine are taking water and let's face it they stink.
Well I found quite the deals!  

This one is dark purple! Perfect for shovelling snow!

This one is a bit dressier and is water repellant.

I got both pairs for 80$ a saving of 210.00$. Now my feet will be warm and dry and un-stinky (for the time being!)

So that's it for today! Stay warm and keep thrifting! :)


Maureen said...

Your new boots were a steal! You should be nice and toasty with those. But I must admit, I like the kitties best!

Linda @ A La Carte said...

You had fun! I love the Pyrex casserole with the little flowers, I don't have one like I'm on the hunt for one! That is becoming my favorite pattern (Spring Blossom). Oh such love for your boots! Oh and Yankee Candle gives me a headache...too many smells.

Katrina said...

I wish you lived in the UK...we could have so much fun!! I love thrift stores and spend HOURS on my days off in them. It would be good to have an eagle eyed buddy like you to scour them with!!
Love the blog xx

The Crazy Suburban Mom said...

Wow, great books and love the kitchen finds. Great pics with the kitties :)