Saturday, February 12, 2011

Thrift bounty!

Welcome Katrina! Thank you for becoming my 168th follower! I loved you comment, too bad you're not in Canada! LOL
It's always fun to thrift with a like minded pal. Speaking of thrifting....I went to the Salvation Army and Renaissance.
 I'm always flabbergasted by the cruddiness of the big Salvation Army on Notre-Dame street. Every time I go I touch something and my hand is sticky after...EEEWWW! I'm thinking I should bring plastic gloves and look even weirder than usual! In the meantime Dan put some anti-bacterial towelettes in my Xmas stocking....Such a good idea!

No Pyrex in sight but....some nice Spring Blossom Green cups and a cream & sugar set in the same pattern, delicious!

How fresh and springlike! I'm thinking giveaway....

I also found a Pyrex 043 lid and a portable and adorable vintage ironing board. I forgot to take a pic....rats

After I met up with the Danmeister and we decided not to go to the movies afterall; we were too tired and achy (no real reason, maybe a cold?) ...we decided to head home by the scenic route and  stop for some grub along the way.

But before we got on the road a snack was in order (yes I know the diet :(). We stopped @ the Green Spot, a Montreal institution on Notre-Dame street. This place has been here forever at least since the 30's. They make the best greasy french fries (une graisseuse in joual). In case you don't know joual is the french canadian slang spoken in Montreal. Since this is such a vintage landmark I decided to whip out the camera and take some pics to share with you.

Old sign offering poutine and other delicacies...

@ one time the hotdogs were actually 20 cents! OMG

An order of greasy french fries like this is best shared in the car!

 We headed west our fingers greasy and our souls satisfied to Verdun. While on Wellington st I asked to stop at Rennaissance and I even added: Why do I bother they NEVER have good stuff!

Boy was I in for a surprise!

I squealed with glee when I found this big Ziploc bag filled with vintage cake decor! For every occasion,Valentine's, Easter,Mother's day,Halloween, Xmas and ballerinas...I even have some clown heads.  

A great illuminated tree top from the 70's

Some great vintage ornements! They will make a super addition for the store!

Speaking of clowns....I've never liked clowns. NEVER. I would cry when I saw some at the circus, I would cringe when I laid my eyes on those clown paintings from the 70's and the coup de grace was when I saw Stephen King's It on tv. Clowns give me the willies!
I watched the premiere of Mr Sunshine, which I found really funny, and there was a bit with clowns, axes, the director being scared shitless of clowns and little kids. I nearly peed my pants I laughed so hard!
So good luck with your new show Matthew Perry! Because when I really like a show, it's always cancelled. Except Supernatural....Go figure! The networks should pay me....
 I also watched thursday night episode of Jersey Shore (yes I'm guilty of incurable tackiness and voyeurism). et me tell you something, Ronnie is DANGEROUS! If I'd been there when he started throwing things around, I would've called the police. Sammy is not better and come to think of it all of these young people have become really violent at one time or another since the show began which makes me wonder what kind of values did their parents teach them? And what kind of message this is sending to all the kids who watch the show?
Ok so I've said my peace! Have a great afternoon, I hope you find delicious things in your thrifting expeditions. I will practice some new dances for the line dance Valentine's day party tonight!


KobysCache said...

The Green Spot, eh?
I'll have to look that one up next time we're in Mtl. Those greasy fries actually look good!

Sir Thrift-A-Lot said...

You've successfully made me want to go seek out greasy fries when I get off work.

Linda @ A La Carte said...

Greasy fries = heaven! Love that bag of cake decorations! lucky you! I also do not like clowns at all. I also cracked up at Matthew Perry's new show. Have a great weekend.

Bargain Hunting Treasure Seeker said...

Yum! I LOVE greasy fries too!! Looks like some great finds-what a fun day!
Thanks for sharing!!

De tout, de rien said...

Oooh, you never fail to whet my appetite. Yes I agree with Linda, greasy fries = heaven! I'm very picky about my fries. I'm from Mtl as you know but I have never heard of the Green Spot! Makes me want to go home real bad, though, patate sauce and poutine, hot-dog steamé, yum!

My first reaction to the plastic cake decorations was that little plastic clown looks quite creepy, lol!!! I watched Mr. Sunshine too, it was quite funny, good characters, etc.

On Jersey Shore, I have watched a few episodes with my daughter and I agree, they're funny, especially Snooky, but really awful role models. And the show is so popular! These twits are now all millionaires, go figure!

The Crazy Suburban Mom said...

I'm so behind but I'm going to read all your posts!

Thanks for you nice note honey!