Wednesday, February 2, 2011


It took FOREVER to reach the resort. In case you live under a rock there's a historic snow storm out there! We got stuck following a salt truck for seemed like hours and then a really slow driver....On I95 we saw some accidents, which makes me wonder, are snow tires mandatory in Maine? Real snow tires, not the all season inferior ones...Let me know

But we did stop at my fave flea in Oxford, for a pit stop and some fast thrifting. With my eagle eye I spotted some interesting items....

We burst laughing when we saw these....Scary Pixies!
They put a whole new spin on cream and sugar...

An adorable village for the tree

I did pick up a NICE piece of Pyrex....but I haven't had time to take a pic.

We wanted to have dinner at the Maine Diner,featured in Diners,Drive-ins and Dives....but it was closed.
We ended up in an asian restaurant EAST. To our surprise it was very tasty and affordable and we got to bring the leftovers home! YUM

ok not a great pic! you can see a bit of the snow falling.

This is our living room in Perkins Cove. Really comfortable! It's all reclinable.
While I was watching tv last night, the network would announce al the school closings....but it's not just schools, it's churches,clinics,vets,town halls,dance classes,karate class, soup kitchens...which made me sad for people who so rely on them.
We had the really bright idea to hit a grocery store in Wells, so we have food and chinese leftovers until tomorrow!

This one is for my Dad, yes we had a cup of brown and a great breakfast at Howard's in Colebrook.

Today we will go for a walk and then phone the Maine Diner to see if they are opened before heading out...other wise it will be ham sandwiches,KD or leftovers.....
Stay warm faithful readers!



svelteSTUFF said...

Just a 'FYI'... 'The Coachman' is right across the street from the outlets in Kittery (next door to the Candy Store)... the only motel within walking distance to the outlets (and Bobs!) - we stay there when DH is working the races in Loudon, NH so that while I am without wheels I can shop & lounge at the pool 8-) days while he is off at the track! Nights it is a short drive to Portsmouth, York Beach and some of our fav Pier Lobster Shacks (Chaunceys & Morris'!!)

Linda @ A La Carte said...

Stay warm and enjoy your little vacation. Now I'm hungry for eggs! (but not Pixie sugar and creamer..scary).

Maureen said...

I've seen those pixies before! NOt sure where but I know I have - who could forget them!

Enjoy Maine...and be careful!

Maureen said...

I was just thinking...are you going to be around for the weekend? I know of a monthly sale in the area if you are interested. Let me know.

Ann said...

I know the pixies are kinda scary but I would buy them. The Putz houses are always a great find. What a fun time away.

Vonlipi said...

Svelte, I will definitely stay @ the Coachman one day, however I'm glad that I have a kitchen so I can fix some godies.

Maureen, I'm leaving on Friday :(

I still love the pixies despite their scary factor ;)

Mick said...

a big LOL to the "spock"/elf creamer & sugar haha!