Sunday, March 27, 2011

Delicious Manicoti

Last Thrusday we decided to skip the dance course and give our gift cards (that we got as Xmas gifts) a run for their lifes.
Yes I know we took our own sweet time, but we have problems finding stuff we love! Anyways, I got a super cute handbag for summer and Dan got books.
After we were getting hungry...and on my must try restaurant list was this one.....

I've wanted to thry the Café Presto for a couple of years now. It's on Stanley street and it's literally a hole in the wall. It has 10 tables max. It has old world tackyish charm, you know checkered tablecloths, opera music,posters of hollywood movie stars. There's no menu; the owner comes over and tells you what they have. On Thrusday night they had homemade manicotti with spinach,penne arrabiata and liguini with rosé sauce. we bought ordered the manicotti, it was sooo good and only 6.95$.
We then shared a piece of heavenly tiramisu. We left with our hearts light and our bellies full.
We will be back for sure. I'm already plotting my next thrusday night shopping trip!

After since it was early and we had the car...I suggested a stop @ the Salvation Army (it's opened until 9pm). And I was rewarded with somthing i've been looking for for a really long time!

A beautiful Pyrex RW shallow bowl in turquoise.

I love those for eating pasta fazul, pasta e cecci and minstrone soup.

It pairs up beautifully with the green one I already have and @ 1$ i jumped on it like white on rice!

 I recently became a Clamato embassador and I received a good bag friday filled with cool Clamato stuff; a cooler, coasters,glasses , a rimming tray and some rimmer.
Yesterday I wanted a Caesar sooo bad, that I didn't even bother with the rimmer!
I'll blog more about my Clamato adventures another day!

Have fun and keep thrifting :)



Maureen said...

Today's post is all about things I love. As a matter of fact I made Arrabiata sauce last night. Yum.

Linda @ A La Carte said...

Oh I love that bowl! Perfect size! Glad you found some good buys this week. hugs, Linda

De tout, de rien said...

That little restaurant sounds charming. Sounds like the kind of place where somebody's nonna is in the kitchen lovingly cooking everything from scratch. I like that they don't have a menu.

Vonlipi said...

The food was better than a lot of pricer restaurant's. I always say that eating italian food in Montreal is such a ripoff! a maniccotti plate could go for 5$ and the cake 7$.

Italian cuisine is one of the tastiest yet simplest cuisine around but I feel that restaurants are overpricing it to the max!

It was so refreshing to eat at that kitschy place ;)

The Crazy Suburban Mom said...

Love those clamato glasses and you go them??? I totally thought you found them or something....Jealous!

Anonymous said...

Now I want a drink! I love clamato with a beer :)